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[icon] We drove so slowly... I couldnt wait. As we passed, everyone stopped… - Cadavre Exquis
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Time:06:17 pm
We drove so slowly... I couldnt wait. As we passed, everyone stopped what they were doing and turned our way. I tried not to give in to their empty stares. I completely turned away. It wouldnt be much longer; we were almost there. We drove on, through every row. I didnt remember there being that many. And then we made it. It was more beautiful than anything I remembered.
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Time:2003-11-24 07:23 pm (UTC)
"The giant ball of twine?!?!" replied my seven year old daughter as we got out of our car. "We drove seven hours starting at 5 am for this??" Whiney little girl, isn't she.

I just patted her head and grined. "Grin and hold it," I kept telling myself. I leade her up to the fenced in yard where the large sphere of twine stood, next to two flags and a gift shop.

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Time:2003-11-25 07:10 am (UTC)
"This is not a ball of twine. This is a giant ball made up of the dried intestines of young children who misbehaved. Look. You can see one of them swallowed their gum..." I fibbed, horribly. Torturing your own children was 50% of the reason you even became a parent to begin with...

Maggie (my girl) stood there, transfixed... this fairy tale was not like santa claus... this one was horrific.

She began to cry. Dumb little wench. She's acting just like her mother.

I led her back to the car. >I< thought the ball of twine was cool. Maybe she'd understand when she was older... If I allowed her to LIVE that long... grr. damn kids take the fun out of everything.

Next we would go to the real reason we drove up here. I'd always wanted to see this spectacle.. but this digression had been spoiled by a whiny little brat that sat blubbering next to me begging me not to tear out her intestines....

I turned my car back onto the main road and realized that I was damn near out of gas... I pulled into the Gas Station that was adjacent to the "Slip-n-Slide Porn Supply" warehouse... and got out to pay the attendant for gas...

when i got back... Maggie was gone, and the passenger door was open...
Oh no.. I thought.... She must have

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Time:2003-11-25 10:16 am (UTC)
wandered off.

I stood there, staring at the open car door, and placed my hand on the hood of the car. I felt angry and banged the hood with my fist, cursing outloud. I couldn't beleive this, what the hell is wrong with that girl?? I specifically asked her to stay where she was, and told her to not open he car door. I should of locked the bitch in, like when I keep my dogs in the car.

Cars passed by, and an old woman in a large pick up trunk honked her truck horn at me, wanting me to move my car so she could pull her oversized ass into my space. She glared at me through the windshield, her toothless scowl laughed at me. I looked down to get my keys, and found of Maggie's pink shoes laying on the ground.
The old bitch honked her horn again. I screamed, saying my kid was gone and threw the shoe at the bitch's windshield. I jumped in my car,started the engine, threw the transmission in, and drove off.

I dorve around the corner, and passed the parkinglot to the pornshop next door, and I saw three men walking hand in hand with a short blond haired girl. I saw thm enter the warehouse.
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Time:2003-11-25 12:08 pm (UTC)
Oh... fighting the temptation... oh it was great.

Whew. I was tempted to just keep driving. So... very... tempted.

But, I suppose my irritation gave way to actual parental responsibility... as I slammed on the brakes and did a power slide back into the parking lot. One of the men turned around, and the other grabbed her and hurried her into the warehouse.

The one that turned around was pointing a cellphone....? no... a gun! WTF? Ok. Gun is ok. I have a big fucking car. I ducked and floored it towards him. He fired twice, one nailing the headrest of the driver's seat and the other lodging in the dash... When he dove out of the way, I wrenched the wheel and damn near flipped the motherfucken car over. I was pissed. I was SO going to beat Maggie's ass... right after I killed this motherfucker right here.

After tearing up the parking lot and forgetting about the noise I was making, i managed to run that sonuvabitch down. I ran him over like a pancake.

Temporary insanity. I stopped the car, got out, kicked his banged up head and took his gun as I ran for the door of the warehouse... When I got in there... it was one of the creepiest places...

It was deathly quiet, and there were... so many... rooms.... reminded me of an asylum... it almost looked sterile with the white walls, clean white tile flooring, recessed flourescent lighting and freezing cold temperatures... sterile environment... or refrigerator?

I heard a muffled scream echo through the warehouse.... no telling which spotless corridor it came from.... I ran and picked a direction...
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Time:2003-11-25 12:23 pm (UTC)
I yelled out "MaaaaaGGGGIIIeeeeeeee!" as i ran down the long long white window less hallway. I found another hallway turning off to the right and i skidded around the corner and down that hallway.

There was another scream, an echoed scream. I called out her name again.

Another left hand turn, my shoes made a loud noise as i ran down the linolium floor.

A right turn.

And there she stood...she was naked, her head bent down, as if she was sorry, and her blond hair hung down, hiding her face.

She didn't move.

"Maggie" I said to her calmly.

She didnt reply.

"Maggie!" i said, more sternly this time. I made to grab her hand, and she moved it out of the way. She continued to stand there, head down. I looked around. To the right and left the room opened into a massive area. There was a white metal table, with straps, and a pole. I heard whispers from somewhere above, and i looked up to see the second floor baclony and lots of people, men and women, all wearing white lab coats and over-sized sunshades looking down at us. She were talking amongst themselves, and pointing.

I walked up to Maggie and wraped an arm around her, and i Pointed my gun up.
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Time:2003-11-26 03:49 am (UTC)
I saw some of the people start laughing, then the contagious laughter got around to the entire balcony, causing the laughter to echo into a frightening roar as it bounced from wall to wall.


Funny... I didn't hear anyone behind me...
I blanked out.

When I woke up, the back of my head was in searing pain. I tried to feel the back of my head, but couldn't move. I opened my eyes and tried to look down... My head was strapped to some sort of headrest.

From what I gathered, I had been strapped into a chair of some sort. I imagined that it looked an awful lot like the white metal table that had Maggie strapped to it.

They had attached stirrups to the table and anchored her small ankles to them, displaying her small, hairless body to me as I sat at the foot of this table, only a few mere feet away.

I tried to scream "MAGGIE!" Fuck! I was gagged, too.

Oh, shit... These people were FREAKS!

I was instantly aware of the cold...
My body was covered in goosebumps and I was shivering as the panic hit me.
I was naked. Great. Now what?

I tried to shake the chair by violently wrenching my body about... but really... how much momentum are you supposed to get if you are completely strapped in and cannot move?

Well... I might as well keep my eyes open, so that I can identify these sick fucks if (IF) we ever get out of this mess.

I saw a man and a woman walk into my field of view from the right side, both wearing the lab coats and shades.

Both of them had leather cases that they set on the floor next to Maggie... The woman opened her case and removed a
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Time:2003-11-27 05:48 am (UTC)
Long syringe filled with some pinkish-purple goop. The man pulled one out as well, only this one was filled with a blue-green liquid. The woman stood beside Maggie and began to hum a tune....
'Don't fear the reaper'...What the hell?! I knew I recognized the tune!!! The man was humming the same song and stood beside me, and slowly caressed my head. I could see the woman was soothing Maggie as well...then he violently grabbed my arm and plunged the needle into it. I can her Maggie scream as they did the same to her. They emptied the contents of the needles into our bodies...
At first it felt like....nothing...then all of a sudden
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Time:2003-11-30 11:58 am (UTC)
there was a shakinbg int he ground and we were immediatly surrounded by all of the other people who had been watching bfore. Everywhere, faces smiled and grinning, and some were singing along to their little tune.
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Time:2003-12-11 08:04 am (UTC)
I watched half-sad, half-apathetic as my daughter convulsed violently from the pink glop that was being injected into her.

Then I realized that my own body was shaking violently from the goop. But I didn't feel any sensation (you know, the normal things you feel when you thrash about.

Then everything got still. My daughter and I stopped convulsing at the same moment...

I could see and hear. My breathing quickened as if I was at a brisk walk. I was fully awake.

The multitude of sick onlookers clapped politely at the cessation of movement.

A woman with a green latex glove on ran her fingers through my pubic hair and gave my dick a gentle tug. I learned at that moment that i could moan aloud. Not necessarily a 'sexy' moan, more of like I'm-fucking-gagged-i-want-you-to-stop-you-sick-bitch moan.

That pink glop must have also enhanced the feeling in my genitalia. Naturally, my mind wandered to my tiny baby girl who was laying on the table in front of me. I wondered if it would do the same for her. No sooner did my mind think it, then a man that was next to her decided to probe my 'precious' baby's 'private areas' with his index finger. The same 'precious baby' who had gotten us both into this whacked-out mess. My mind was somehow getting foggier on the clarity.... I realized that my libido had also been aroused. I felt my cock already growing, the pins and needles sensation made it almost like it was waking up. the woman in front of me shoved her finger in my ass and she must have curled it upwards, because my prick spasmed and this time another moan slid out of my throat...

i was starting to loosen my previous inhibitous resolve. I kept imagining what it would be like to fuck my own baby girl... i wanted the latex-gloved woman to fuck me...

I'm not gay, but i didnt care if a man jammed his dick inside my ass (which was clenching around this womans finger, and my cock was painfully hard)

I just wanted to cum. I wanted to fuck, get fucked.. anything. I watched in ravenous lust as the man in front of my daughter fingered her ass and her hairless, nearly shapeless little cunt....

I tried to stop myself from thinking these things... i knew it was wrong.. my mind screamed... my heart panicked...

I'm not gay! I dont like kids! this isn't happening....

They wheeled a medical cart over that had green cheese cloth covering the contents.

one of the attendants removed the cheese cloth and a varied assortment of sex toys lay on top. The woman that was playing with me reached on the cart and picked up

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[icon] We drove so slowly... I couldnt wait. As we passed, everyone stopped… - Cadavre Exquis
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